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Q. Where can I get a three-view drawing of the Baby Ace Model D/Junior Ace Model E?
A. Click on the links below:

Baby Ace Model D
Junior Ace Model E

Q. Where can I get the rigging data for the Baby Ace and Junior Ace?
A. Here you go:

Datum: Leading Edge of the Wing
Level Reference: Upper Longeron
Center of Gravity:
  • Empty CG - 12.5 to 13.5 inches
  • Forward Limit - 11.88 inches
  • Aft Limit - 18.36 inches
Incidence Angles
  • Reference: Upper Longeron
  • Wing - +1.19 degrees
  • Horizontal Stabilizer - 0 degrees
  • Vertical Fin - 0 degrees (fuselage centerline)
  • Engine - 0 degrees vertical and horizontal
Control Surface Traval
  • Ailerons - 20 degrees up/down
  • Elevator - 32 degrees up/down
  • Rudder - 27 degrees left/right
Wing Rigging (with Aircraft leveled)
  • Dihedral - approzimately +0.75 degress
  • After setting dihedral, adjust the struts such that the wing tip rib is at the same angle as the wing root rib for each wing, then lengthen the rear strut 1.5 to 2 turns of adjusting fork to set tip washout.

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