Ace Aircraft Begins Construction on First Junior Ace Models

Toccoa, GA – May 15, 2010, Ace Aircraft, Inc. has begun constructing its first two aircraft models to be used for Light-Sport certification, demonstration, and marketing purposes. With the design work complete, Ace Aircraft has fabricated the steel tubing for the fuselages which are currently being assembled. The first fuselage will be used to create templates and tooling for building the second and subsequent aircraft.

The first Junior Ace Model E and the first Junior Ace Model 6 will be built as Special Light-Sport Aircraft. The first model being built is the Junior Ace Model E which is the contemporary design. It will be available with either conventional nose wheel or tailwheel landing gear and has the squared-off tailfeathers. The second model to be built is the Junior Ace Model 6—the classic taildragger model which includes the 1930s-period design characteristics such as outrigger main landing gear and the classic rounded-off tailfeathers. Both aircraft will share similar fuselages and wings. An announcement will be made in the coming weeks concerning the choice of engines for the two aircraft as well as anticipated pricing.

Ace aircraft have an aviation history pedigree that dates back to 1923 when Mr. Orland G. Corben began designing and building aircraft. Mr. Corben introduced the Baby Ace as the first popular homebuilt aircraft in 1929 followed by the Junior Ace a year later.

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