Ace Aircraft Chooses Jabiru Engines for Its First Two Junior Ace Models

Toccoa, GA – July 15, 2010, Ace Aircraft, Inc. has selected Jabiru engines for its first two Junior Ace aircraft models.

The first Junior Ace Model E, the contemporary design, will be built using the 120 hp, 6 cylinder Jabiru 3300 engine while the first Junior Ace Model 6, the classic design, will be built using the 85 hp, 4 cylinder Jabiru 2200 engine. Jabiru engines were selected for their lower costs and high horsepower-to-weight ratios, as well as their capability of running high octane automotive fuel which is more plentiful, less expensive, and better for the environment than AVGAS.

Ace aircraft have an aviation history pedigree that dates back to 1923 when Mr. Orland G. Corben began designing and building aircraft. Mr. Corben introduced the Baby Ace as the first popular homebuilt aircraft in 1929 followed by the Junior Ace a year later.

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This page last updated on July 15, 2010